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  1. Merchant Trust Badge: A Seal Of Excellence


    Here is an undeniable fact: People want their needs, desires and ever-changing expectations to be met. Delivering high-quality products and focusing on marketing efforts will certainly bring you customers. But if you want to turn your customers into enthusiastic ambassadors, trust is the key to success. 


    A recent study from Adobe shows that 7 out of 10 customers are more likely to purchase from a business they trust than for any other reason. Now, how do you gain the trust of those who have not purchased from you yet, especially in the digital realm? That’s where Yellow Markets’ Merchant Trust badges come into play!

    What is a Trust Badge?

    Referred also as “trust seals”, trust badges are visual symbols displayed on a website to convey trustworthiness and security to visi

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  2. Grow Your Online Business With Yellow Markets’ Cyber Plan

    The Next Level Of Online Business, Require The Next Level Of Thinking


    E-commerce, a digital sphere for businesses to thrive in the digital era. If you have been selling on an online marketplace, you will agree that it is a highly competitive ground. Sales may soar at times due to word-of-mouth referrals or limited-time promotions, while other times it may seem slow-moving. 


    So how to get the most out of e-commerce? There are different strategies that you can use to increase your brand’s and products’ visibility or to deliver excellent customer service. However, much like in life, you will learn the most effective approaches through a process of trial and error over time, so as to position yourself as a reliable and successful online business.


    Here are some proactive steps to elevate you

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  3. Probiotics: The Good Bacteria


    “Bacteria” are often considered as our enemies, but what if some of them could be our allies? Probiotics are good bacteria, found in dairy food such as yoghurt, supplements and beauty products, that improves our digestion, skin and even mental health. 

    Have you tried different skincare products or medicines to treat your acne but the results were temporary?  Acne can strike at any age and pimples often surface at the most inconvenient times (Such as when you have a date or special event. You know that, right?). No need to wear a mask to hide the volcanic eruptions on your face or apply an excessive layer of makeup, probiotics goes to the root of the issue to restore and repair your skin for a healthy and natural look.

    Additionally, while over 300 million people suffer from anxiety globally, multiple studies show that individuals of all ages also commonly deal with bloating, diarrhoea, and constipation. Mor

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    Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs and shoppers! 

    As from 1st August 2023 MYP Online Marketing ltd (Known as MYP) proudly unveils the e-commerce platform that will bring more visibility to local businesses and more convenience to shoppers. Introducing Yellow Markets []: For a more sustainable, convenient and profitable online shopping!

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    Promote Local Businesses By Shopping On Yellow Markets

    Local businesses are the whole and soul of our economy. It is often easy to support the big conglomerates and giants with huge marketing, large supply chains, research and tech support. But the real deal is in supporting a locally run business. The pandemic did have an impact on the global community, leaving no one out - especially small businesses. While a number of them are rebuilding after having lost revenue during the pandemic, there are an equal number of small businesses that were started during the lockdown. Any business - be it a local clothing boutique or a handmade home decor brand relies on the support of loyal customers to keep their business going. It is therefore more important now, to support these local businesses.

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    Yellow Markets - A Way To Shop Online From Your Neighbourhood Stores

    It is no secret that online shopping brings you some of the latest products at great quality. Moreover, the pandemic gave ecommerce the required boost as it may have pushed a number of people to shop online from the safety and convenience of their homes. Online shopping is quick and easy! You can shop 24/7 and do not even need to drive or walk to the stores you want to purchase from.

    Now we do not need to go on about why online shopping is the way forward. But in such a situation, what happens to supporting local suppliers and businesses in your neighbourhood and community? How do you combine the convenience of shopping online while buying from small business owners? We have the perfect solution to this - Yellow Markets. Yellow Markets is an online marketplace that facilitates online shopping from local suppliers and  merchants in Mauritius.

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    How Yellow Markets Can Help Your Business

    The gradual shift of consumers to online retail was given a huge boost during the pandemic. As a business owner, you are probably looking out for ways to increase your exposure and online sales. Yellow Markets is the perfect solution!

    For those of you who are new here - Yellow Markets is an online hub to promote the local and regional businesses community, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Sole Traders, etc. It is positioned to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, support the local economy and also promote online commerce for cross border trade in the African Free Trade Area. 

    An online marketplace is an e-commerce platform that connects buyers with sellers. But we are more than just an online marketplace. Read on to know why Yellow Markets is a winning formula for sellers and merchants to grow their business:

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    Why Sell On An Online Marketplace? 

    It is 2023 and the future of buying and selling is online! Almost every brand you know today, has some form of digital presence either through their website or social media accounts. Some businesses also allow customers to shop their products online with the help of a fully functional ecommerce set-up.

    But that iss not all. Companies are now using the power of a marketplace to increase their sales. Now traditionally, a marketplace refers to the business of buying and selling products on a common platform. And obviously, this is happening online too. Online marketplaces or e-marketplaces are being used by companies to reach customers who want to purchase their products and services. 

    Similar to a 'physical marketplace' an e-marketplace (or online marketplace) is a hub on the internet which brings sellers and buyers together and facilitates trade.

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